Fashionable in the 17th century Orangery conservatories were first used as a place where citrus trees grew.

These days an Orangery is similar to a conservatory but on a much grander scale, for example Kensington Palace has one!

The modern conservatory is a direct descendant from its forerunner the Orangery and if you are worried that a conservatory may spoil the appearance of your home, contemporary orangeries can fuse your property and extension together gracefully.

Here at Centurion Windows, we design and build Orangeries to suit the individual needs, any home can benefit from an Orangery whether it be a kitchen extension with a glazed roof or a relaxing sun room or TV room. An orangery can be built to any specification to suit your requirements.

No other extension offers the visually appealing appearance that Orangeries have and not only do they look great they can add a great living or entertaining space to your home.

An Orangery can be the space your home has been crying out for and an outlet for anyone who wants a place of relaxation at home.